Photo by Jasper Lucena / MMI

Honeymooning with Ariana Grande

August 25th, 2015
Photo by Jasper Lucena / MMI

Photo by Jasper Lucena / MMI


“I want to give my fans the best night of their lives… and I think it should start with a countdown.”

A minute-long countdown preceded by a video of Ariana Grande signalled the start of the Honeymoon Tour in the Mall of Asia Arena last Sunday, August 23.  As the number on the big screen hits “1”, the petite popstar with her famous ponytail and cat ears is suddenly onstage striking a pose and launching directly into a bombastic performance of “Bang Bang.

Our favorite moments from this “honeymoon”?


  1. Cat ears. We loved the way everyone was dressed in their best Ariana-inspired garb! Even Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo was looking fab with her cat ears (but then again, she always looks fab)!
  2. Singing along. Not one to hog the spotlight, Ari invited everyone to sing along her every song. Who are we to decline?
  3. Tattooed Heart. It’s a universal law that when a slow song is on at a concert, you turn on your phone’s flashlight and wave it in the air in time to the beat. Ari’s performance of Tattooed Heart was not exempt from this rule and it was a spectacular sight.
  4. Whitney Houston goodness. The popstar is a vocal powerhouse and she knows it.  She took on Filipino karaoke favorite “I Have Nothing”  and did it beautifully.
  5. She adores her babes. In the middle of everyone’s favorite pop songs like “Love Me Harder” and “Honeymoon Avenue” were phrases from our moonlight babe like “I love you guys so much!”, “You’re all sooo cute!”, and “BABIES!”
  6. Consistency. From start to finish, Ariana’s energy didn’t waver and she succeeded in bringing us an experience so fantastically fantastic that we almost soiled ourselves from intergalactic excitement!


As for her plan to give us the best night of our lives? She didn’t disappoint.

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