‘Global Rookie’ DRIPPIN comeback on January 17, 2022

January 07th, 2022

“You are hacked” DRIPPIN’s mysterious comeback teaser video, “catches attention”. DRIPPIN is back after 7 months. Idol group DRIPPIN will make a comeback in January 2022. 

Their agency, Woollim Entertainment, released a mysterious teaser video on their official SNS at 0 o’clock on the 27th, signaling DRIPPIN’s comeback. 

The teaser video started with digital number changing rapidly and stops at “01-17.” “01-17” is a hint  for DRIPPIN’s comeback day, January 17, 2022; it draws enthusiastic responses from global fans. 

In addition, mysterious scenes such as screens stained with various colors of paint, dark clouds of sky,  swarm of birds, hot flames, and photos of the brain follow up the video, making it impossible not to  pay attention to. 

The phrases “YOU ARE HACKED” and “WHY SO SERIOUS?” that shows up in the middle of the video added onto the mysterious mood, raising even more enthusiasm. 

DRIPPIN is known to show luxurious “Young and Handsome and Rich” and refreshing boyish image through their previous releases. Thus, the released teaser hints on a new image that DRIPPIN have  never shown before, raising more expectations for this comeback. 

Questions are growing over what new concept DRIPPIN would show, as this will be their first release  after their first single “Free Pass” in June. The “global rookie” group is expected to show even more of  their hidden potential. 

Photo provided by Woollim Entertainment
Global PR and Marketing by MJ Tonz Entertainment


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