Rampangkalahatan: Para PH celebrates Pride 2021 with a benefit concert

June 04th, 2021

The Home for the Golden Gays is a non-profit organization established in the 1970’s by LGBT rights activists to provide a place for elderly and homeless gays to call a home. Throughout the years the Golden Gays provided food, shelter, companionship and more importantly a safe haven for members of the community. They became a sanctuary for queer people to be themselves, to express their beautiful stories and to celebrate their lives without the prejudice and judgement. The home continuously serves as a sanctuary for people outcast by the society for being queer and advocates for a just and humane society where each member of the LGBT community will no longer feel the pain of being exiled for being themselves. 

Sadly; in the year 2012, the founder of the Home for the Golden Gays faced his untimely demise which forced the care facility to close, leaving countless of elderly gays homeless and wandering the streets to fend for their own survival while facing the prejudice and stigma of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. The remaining members of the Golden Gays are still trying to strive and accommodate as much as they can by doing Drag Performances and other means to accumulate funds for their survival with the vision of once again providing a safe haven for elder members of the community to retire to. 


As our country faced the COVID-19 pandemic, the open streets became a more vicious place for elderly members of the LGBT community. Aside from discrimination and stigma, the homeless elderly gays will have to deal with the deadly virus which they are more vulnerable to which trying to find a way to provide to their daily needs. As fellow Filipinos, we the Performer’s Assembly for Relief Action – PARA PH fully supports the advocacy of the Home for the Golden Gays to provide homage for elderly members of the community. We welcome and support equality and equity among all genders, sexual orientations, sexual identities and advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. We choose to support the Golden Gays as our chosen beneficiary for our upcoming event; RAMPANGKALAHATAN: An Online Gig for the Golden Gays this coming June 5, 2021 at 6:30 PM (GMT +8) to be streamed at PARA PH facebook page (www.facebook.com/PARA.GRP.PH) to celebrate a colorful life and provide financial assistance for members of the community who fought for the acceptance we are experiencing today. We would like to give back to our predecessors who ignited the acceptance of our community and advocates to continue shedding light on the rights of the LGBT and break the stigma attached to it. 

We, PARA PH, celebrates the life of the elderly gays; the experiences they had during their time when the society was less accepting, their fight for LGBT rights as well as those warm stories they have of coming out and being bold to face the world. We are continuing the Golden Gay’s advocacy and vision of a safe country where every member does not need to be scared of coming out. We are celebrating with our heads up and with pride as we fight for an equal and humane society where every member is accepted and not tolerated. We, PARA PH celebrate

PRIDE not only to celebrate the visibility of each member of the LGBTQ+ community but also as a protest for LGBTQ+ rights. 

Ang laban ng Golden Gays ay laban natin, laban PARA sa lahat ng estado, kasarian at lahi, PARA sa Filipino.


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