UAPGA continues the never-ending fun and knowledge with LARO 20: Kahangturan

Itigil na ang siesta, tara na’t umariba sa pista!

May 14th, 2021

On April 17, 18, 24 and 25, the United Architects of the Philippines Graduate  Auxiliary (UAPGA) celebrated the third virtual L.A.R.O. (Learn Architecture, Review  Out-of-the-box) via UAPGA Neo Community Facebook Group (exclusive for UAPGA  Neo members only) with this year’s theme “L.A.R.O. 20: Kahangturan. Kahangturan is a Bisaya word which means “Never-ending”. This year also marks the 10th  anniversary of the event, hence, the title. For as long as UAPGA exists, there will  always be L.A.R.O. 

UAPGA Kahangturan

On Day 1, the first topic was ALE Tips and Tricks presented by the first guest  speaker, Ar. Gerard Alejandro. Followed by Ar. Roy de Guzman who shared his  knowledge about the History of Architecture. It was ended by Ar. Gene Lambert  Giron about Architectural Design. 

Day 2 covered two topics: Building Utilities and Building Laws presented by the  guest speakers Ar. Annie Pugeda and Ar. Geomillie Guittap respectively. 

Various topics were tackled on Day 3 by different guest speakers namely Ar.  Melduard Hernandez who shared his knowledge in Theory of Architecture, Ar. Ron  Paolo Viray for Professional Practice and Ar. Joshua Dado for Site Planning. 

On its last day, two topics were discussed: Tropical Design presented by Ar. Rosette  Tayag and Building Technology presented by Ar. Jeremiah Queddeng. 

L.A.R.O. 20: Kahangturan may be different from the previous (pre-pandemic)  LAROs, the UAPGA Community was still able to give and share their never-ending  knowledge and support to the aspiring architects of the country. Isang selebrasyon,  isang organisasyon tungo sa ating propesyon. 

Until the next L.A.R.O, mga ka-UAPGA! 

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