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US brand Whipped Drinks admits to false claim that they created Dalgona Coffee

April 21st, 2021

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The popular whipped cream coffee became popular when Korean actor Jung Hae In ordered it in Macau. A home-made version of this drink was later on called ‘The Dalgona Coffee’ as it began trending on TikTok last year.

A US brand called Whipped Drinks, owned by Katie Angel, sells kits for you to make your own Dalgona Coffee for $49. But this new business was criticized when she claimed ownership of this trend on her website.

whipped drinks dalgona coffee


The coffee was originally made by café owner Leong Kam Hon, where ingredients are simply coffee, sugar, and hot water.

So people called out Whipped Drinks to give proper credit to the actual creator of this coffee. They just needed to acknowledge that their product was “inspired by the Korean Trend,” which is probably not hard to do.

The company updated their website because of the reactions.

whipped drinks dalgona coffee

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Whipped Drinks also shared an apology on their Instagram account.


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