Zild revisits his own wonder years with his all-new single ‘Kyusi’

February 11th, 2021

Without a doubt, it is no easy feat to walk away from any larger-than-life experience, and seemingly re-set and realign one’s self – especially after witnessing the success of any proven formula and/or method. And considering the fact that it is purely understandable for any young and foolish mind to opt to take the easy route, it’s even more commendable when an artist rises to meet the challenge of growing and evolving, despite the challenges that may pose.

And singer/songwriter ZILD is exactly that kind of artist: unafraid to push the boundaries, leave his comfort zone and welcome change. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has unleashed his all-new single “Kyusi,” and ironically enough, continues to move forward by harkening back to his younger years, and waxing nostalgia on his coming-of-age. 

’Kyusi’ is a song that takes me back to my 18-year-old self, experiencing teenage love for the very first time,” recounts the IV of Spades bassist and co-conspirator, who is now, still at a relatively young 23 years old. “It also is a song about acceptance… in fact, I find that with the new songs I am writing, I finally overcame my fear of telling specific, personal stories – this is me being honest, at peace with my personal experiences and attempting to relate my personal experiences to the listeners. These stories are damaging, funny and peaceful all at the same time,” he shares, and at the same time, hints of other material in the works. 

Sonically, the track is a steady, pulsating combination of dreamy harmonies with layers of lush vocals and definitely, very musically organic-sounding, especially compared to his previous material from his 2020 debut ‘Homework Machine’,  which was mostly characterized with a highly electronic/synthesizer type of sound. Incidentally, Homework Machine was ranked #2 on NME’s Top 25 albums in Asia last year, which makes “Kyusi” and his other new material an even more exciting endeavor both fans and listeners should not miss.  

“Kyusi” dropped exactly at the stroke of midnight of Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 on all digital music platforms,  and the music video for the single – directed by Simon Te and co-directed by Jason Max debuts later on at 5pm on Youtube.  

The release of the single also marks a new chapter in Zild’s career, as this will be the debut release under Rico Blanco’s Balcony Entertainment label and management group, who Zild considers both a mentor and a close musical ally. 

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