Photo Credit: Adam A. Carlos/ POP! Kids

Sixth grader shares his thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine through his visual illustration

January 19th, 2021

This #POPKids entry was submitted by Adam A. Carlos, a 5th-grade student in San Sebastián College Recoletos – Manila.

During this period of quarantine, Carlos shares with us his thoughts and his creative sketches.

He tells POP!, “I have seen a lot of news about the vaccine that may save the lives of those who are affected by the virus. But I am wondering, is the vaccine really effective? In the UK, they tested the Pfizer COVID – 19 vaccine. There were two British people who had allergic reactions. Then after that, the virus mutated creating a new strain. This mutation reached Singapore and in Malaysia, there is a new strain of COVID spreading.

In my perspective as a grade 6 student, I think that the new strain had come from the Pfizer COVID – 19 vaccine. Why? Two people in the UK had allergic reactions, and from the allergic reactions, the new strain was created spreading rapidly in the UK and even in other countries. For the safety of our country, President Duterte suspends flights from the UK to prevent the new strain from getting inside our country.

Now, I am going to ask the same question again. Is the vaccine really effective? Now, there have been many things going through my mind about the vaccine. There are also many questions. Is it safe for me to take the vaccine? Is it going to lessen the cases in our country or even in the whole world? Or, is it going to make the virus worse? I have a lot more questions but it is just going to make this article longer.

Now let’s talk about positive things. Celebrating Christmas and The New Year, 2021 amidst the pandemic. A lot of people were saying that Christmas is not going to be the same because of this pandemic. They say that it will not be as happy as last year. But, some people have a new way of celebrating it by doing it virtually. Relatives from far away may not be reachable in these times, but with advanced technology these days, we can now see them and talk to them even though they are very far away. Just recently, we have welcomed the year 2021. I hope that this year will bring many more good things and blessings to us.

I hope that our God almighty will hear our prayers that there are no more COVID cases and I hope the pandemic will end soon and we will be COVID free not only in our country, but in the whole world.

Thank you InqPOP! for encouraging us to share our thoughts and drawing. More power.

Have a safe, Healthy, Hopeful and Blessed  2021 and beyond .”

Here is a sample of his drawing:

Photo Credit: Adam A. Carlos/ POP! Kids

Photo Credit: Adam A. Carlos/ POP! Kids

POP! Kids/ Adam A. Carlos


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