Stephanie Poetri returns with the first single, ‘Selfish’

December 02nd, 2020

Indonesian-American singer, songwriter and producer, Stephanie Poetri shares her latest single, “Selfish” via 88rising, distributed by 12Tone Music. Inspired by the youthful and playful push and pull of pursuing a young budding relationship and the breadth and range of emotions that come with that experience, “Selfish” introduces listeners to Stephanie’s emotive vocals and sets the tone for her highly anticipated forthcoming EP, ‘AM : PM’, scheduled to release in the new year and her first big project since her breakout global hit “I Love You 3000”. Working with legacy production duo Ojivolta (Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Halsey), Stephanie nimbly speaks to the angst, conflict, and excitement of a new and exhilarating attraction that’s reflected in similarly mischievous pauses in the beat.

To complement the single, Stephanie has also dropped the music video for “Selfish”. The music video similarly follows Stephanie through the inner turmoil of battling conflicting emotions of a maybe relationship. The fantastical and fluorescent textures, colors and themes that come to life in the video are representative of the darker more emotional tones of the PM side of her forthcoming ‘AM : PM’.

Speaking on “Selfish”, Stephanie explains, “It’s a song about contemplating and battling with yourself about whether you have the right to be selfish in this new relationship not relationship, when you have someone but you don’t really, and just working through all of those extremely complicated feelings”

The EP ‘AM : PM’ manifests Stephanie’s light hearted daydreams and solemn midnight queries in the form of a musical project. The flow of the tracklist represents the duality between emotions that can arise during the morning (hopeful, energized, love) versus the evening (in your feelings, somber, melancholy). Starting with bright acoustic sounds and harmonies then leading into elements of R&B (soft guitar and bass), ‘AM : PM’ transitions seamlessly from day to night sonically when you listen to the tracks from top to bottom.

Stream/download “Selfish” HERE, out now via Infinite Thrills/88rising Records, distributed by 12Tone Music.

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