Twitter creates ‘disputed claims’ feature, users makes memes out of it

November 21st, 2020

It seems Twitter has had a change of heart, if that’s what you would call their new feature that flag specific tweets for containing false information.

Since it first started, Twitter has always allowed whatever dumb or even fake news people want to say on their platform, but now it’s taking a step, albeit imperfect, towards slowing down the garbage going through their servers.

The latest update seems to be trumping on US President Donald Trump’s parade, as certain tweets under the POTUS’ personal account has been flagged with a “disputed” claim.

This prompted Twitterdom to, of course, ride the hell out of this “this claim is disputed” tag and make memes out of it, which mostly involves the lies we tell ourselves everyday, or statements we would like to be true.

But the brands have tired this meme out, and now we’re left to going back to our good ‘ol regular memes, but now with a “disputed” claims feature to worry about.

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