This fun quiz will reveal if you’re a big Enola Holmes fan

October 19th, 2020

Everybody is hyped about the Netflix original Enola Holmes and there’s a reason why. Who doesn’t love the movie from the stellar acting of Millie Bobby Brown, Pinterest- worthy aesthetic, and the memorable lines in the movie, there’s no doubt why fans are raving. 

If you haven’t watched the movie then here’s a quick background. Enola Holmes is about the youngest Holmes sibling. Yes, it’s about Enola the only rose among the thorns of the Holmes genius and eccentric family. 

The movie starts on the morning of Enola’s birthday. She wakes up to discover her mother has disappeared and it follows her adventure to find her mother. Its a movie about self -discovery, love and mystery.

If you want to know more on why this movie has taken the social media by storm then you better decode the mystery by watching it.

Think you’re one of the greatest fans of Sherlock Holmes’s little sister? Then put your detective skills to the test to find out.

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