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10 Marketing & Career lessons you’ll learn from Emily in Paris

October 19th, 2020

It seems Emily in Paris has taken over Netflix these days. If you haven’t watched this binge-worthy series, then you’re missing out! 

Renowned Hollywood producer Darren Starr, known for making Sex and the City, created Emily in Paris, and Lilly Collins plays the lead star of the show. 

It follows Emily, a young marketing executive from Chicago. She was hired to work at a newly acquired French marketing firm called Savoir as the American representative in its marketing department.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the show, but here we’ll talk about the business and marketing lessons that the show has provided to viewers. The show gives good insights for those starting their path in that career! Here we list down the top 10 marketing and career lessons you’ll learn from Emily in Paris.


  1. Learn about the company & culture

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Emily landed in the beautiful city of Paris without knowing the French culture nor language. And being in the marketing department, she was expected to speak French to connect and write compelling copy for Savoir’s high-end clients. 

But, not surprisingly, she couldn’t deliver, so that put her in a bad light among her boss and co-workers. Do keep in mind that whenever you are working on a new client or company, make sure to take the time to study and learn about the company culture. 

Also, if you’re working in the marketing department, you have to know who your audience is and how to market their products well.

2. Inspiration and creativity are everywhere


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Ah yes, the city of lights can quickly enthrall you and boost your creativity. But creative or marketing professionals understand that it takes a different mindset to think out of the box and be competent at work.

For Emily, she often gets inspiration everywhere she goes from browsing casually on her social media to conversations with friends. And her ideas are creative and unique, which impresses her clients.

You don’t have to be in Paris or go somewhere far to get inspiration for work. All you have to do is look around you. Sometimes all you have to do is change your perspective and work with what you have, whether in your career or your personal life.

3. Work to live and not live to work

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When you work in the creative field of communications or marketing, it can be quite grueling. In the series, Emily is struggling  at work because of cultural differences, all while trying to win her boss’ approval. One of her coworkers reminded her to live life to enjoy it and not work all the time.

After hearing that simple yet profound advice Emily began to enjoy her work more and lead a work-life balance by going out with friends and seeing places.

When it comes to career there will be times that we’ll be consumed by our passion or dedication for work. But let us not forget that there’s more to life than working and paying the bills. Go ahead and take your time to smell the roses.

4. Make friends and build connections

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In the series, Emily became lonely while living in Paris. She had to deal with the shift of moving to a new country and workplace. But eventually, she made friends in and outside of her work. 

Marketing professionals know how important it is to build meaningful connections with your audience and clients. 

Yes, at first it’s hard to woo clients with pitch decks and social media strategies but eventually, once you win them over, it’s a win-win situation for all of you. 

Initially, Emily had a hard time to win the hearts of her co-workers, but through time they warmed up to her. And they helped her through the highs and lows of her career. 

5. Social Media & Marketing is essential

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a marketer, social media is now considered an essential medium for any business. Enterprises need to have strong and effective social media strategies to connect with their audience and strengthen their business goals. Digital innovation has forever changed the corporate world.

It’s not enough for a business to post pictures on their social media accounts; they have to be compelling, sensitive to the audience, and consistent to the brand. As you watch Emily in Paris, you’ll know more about the world of social media marketing. 

6. Advice from mentors and coworkers are important

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The road to a successful career is not linear, that’s why it’s important for career-oriented people to have a mentor by their side. If that’s not possible, coworkers that will help them grow and reach their potential at work are crucial. Emily has friends that give her solid advice from life to work. She also has mentors at work to guide and challenge her as a marketing executive.

7. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams

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Emily is not only a career-oriented woman, but she’s also fearless. It’s not easy to move to a different country and start a new life for a job. But Emily showed us how chasing our dreams can be worth it. She made friends, learned new things, and enjoyed her adventures during her stay in Paris.

8. Pitching to clients can be hard

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Have you ever heard of the term elevator pitch? When it comes to marketing, you have to be clear and concise in pitching ideas or concepts to your clients. You can learn from Emily how she creatively pitches to her clients and bring that pitch to a whole new level.

There will be a time when it is hard to convince a client, especially if they are skeptic and hard to please, but hey, that’s why marketing or advertising is both challenging and fun.

9. Learn from your mistakes

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Emily indeed has made a lot of mistakes in her job at Savoir and boy, she did not take it easy. If you watch the series, you’ll see how Emily’s work can be crazy hectic and challenging. When you’re working in the field of marketing or any media related job, there’s a lot of expectations and pressure. You’re expected to put your best foot forward always from pitching ideas to writing content. Mistakes and mishaps are inevitable when you’re working. In the series, Emily learned by learning from her mistakes, and she learned how to move on to make it up for her mistakes.

10. Be open to possibilities

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Last but not least, being open to possibilities is vital in your career and the field of marketing. You have to be open to new ideas and challenges that will come your way as a professional. It’s one way of allowing you to grow and test your limits and creativity. Emily’s feeling je ne sais quoi (I do not know what) helps her love Paris and embrace the newness it brings to her life.

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