The "Million Dollar" look from digital fashion brand, Republiqe. Image: Republiqe via AFP Relaxnews.

Haute couture at fast fashion prices? Look no further than virtual clothing

October 19th, 2020
20201019 Republiqe digital fashion

The “Million Dollar” look from digital fashion brand, Republiqe. Image: Republiqe via AFP Relaxnews.

Fancy slipping into a million-dollar dress for the sum of $84 (around P4,000)? It does not sound possible, but Singapore-based luxury label Republiqe may have the solution with its virtual haute couture clothing.

The concept will no doubt be completely lost on some people — and that’s fine — but then they are almost certainly not online content creators glued to social media 24 hours a day. So could this economical and sustainable innovation gain ground as a new way of shopping?

While many ready-to-wear brands are trying to reinvent themselves, notably embracing environmental issues and digital lifestyles, others stand out completely with their innovative, almost futuristic offers. One such brand is Republiqe, a 100% digital clothing brand that only sells virtual luxury clothing. And if, for a moment, that seems completely crazy or even pointless to some people, for others, this could prove to be much more than just a passing trend in the long term.

How does it work?

This digital brand offers a taste of luxury at an affordable price, selling styles first designed in 2D then finalized via a 3D fashion tailoring platform. To slip into these garments virtually, you simply upload a high-resolution photo of yourself, add a style to the basket, then pay for your order like at any other online store. Once you have done that, a digital tailoring team fits the creation to your photo, turning you into the belle (or beau) of the ball, ready to bag loads of likes on social media.

As well as giving more people the opportunity to strut their stuff on Instagram in haute couture gowns  without having to shell out a year’s salary, the concept can also help shoppers reduce their environmental impact. Be done with outfits that end up abandoned at the back of the closet, as you can now build a virtual wardrobe with a minimal environmental footprint.

What more could you ask for, apart, perhaps, from the ability to buy clothes for real life? In fact, you have to admit that this innovation is currently only really suited to influencers who no longer need to borrow, get given or buy outfits for their daily snaps. Still, it is a start!

A million-dollar outfit

One of the many options on the virtual shopping site is the “Million Dollar” look, featuring a nude mini dress embellished with diamonds and silver details, a corset, diamond encrusted gloves, iridescent glasses, and matching embellished footwear. All of which is yours for just around $84.

Republiqe offers other clothing styles no less stylish, but perhaps a little more suitable for day-to-day virtual life. Options include paper bag pants, blazers, trench coats, biker jackets, T-shirts, corsets, various dresses and a selection of accessories — a plethora of possibilities for expanding your digital wardrobe responsibly and without breaking the bank. CC


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