Jun Ji Hyun’s upcoming drama with a budget of 20.8 Billion KRW

October 04th, 2020

After a four-year hiatus, famous Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun is set to headline a Korean drama again. Jun Ji Hyun will be part of the upcoming series Jiri Mountain. 

The drama’s budget is 20.8 Billion KRW ($17.7 Million USD), which is an exceedingly large amount of money considering Korean drama’s average budget. The series will have 16 episodes that are 70 minutes each and will air every Saturdays and Sundays.

The cast line-up includes Joo Ji Hoon, Sung Dong II, and Oh Jung Se.

The start of filming begins this month, and fans are happy and excited to see Jun Ji Hyun’s comeback as she has not been active after her role in “Legend of the Blue Sea,” which aired in 2017.

The author of this series, Kim Eunhee, is well known for writing Kingdom and Signal, among others, so the expectations are high for the storyline. Along with him is also famous producer and director Lee Eung-Bok who created dramas like Mister Sunshine, Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, among others.


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