‘BTS Universe Story’ Game is out to play now and Fans have turned BTS into Memes

September 30th, 2020

Last Thursday, September 24, a second BTS game was released. The app is called BTS Universe story. The simulation game is only available on Android and the Apple App Store. The game is based on an ongoing storyline that has been told through the band’s music videos, books, performances, and songs since 2015. 

The ARMY, aka fans of BTS, have been unraveling and analyzing the many theories that have emerged out of the universe since then. At this time, there is a game that lets the fans interact within it. 

In addition, the game comes with another function that grants players to design and create their own storylines using the BTS characters. 

BTS Universe Story, Global Release!
Now is the time for you to complete the story of the seven boys.

Interactive Story Game, #BTS_Universe_Story
Download Now▶https://t.co/oGmIZaCCW7
#BUS_Story_Game#Be_The_Story pic.twitter.com/Fr75QvHLpR

— BTS Universe Story (@BUSgameOfficial) September 25, 2020

The app’s developers intended for fans to develop and create their own designs and versions of the universe’s story.

Moreover, fans have been re-creating memes and iconic moments from TV and the Internet.

Okay but WHAT IS THIS? 😭😭 #BTS_Universe_Story pic.twitter.com/Szaaj3RynB

— ᴮᴱ hudabia⁷ (@seokjinsshine) September 24, 2020

I can’t stop making these 💀 #BTS_Universe_Story pic.twitter.com/KFQT46QBhi

— -` ᴀᴅɪ ´- | Artatouille (@_artatouille_) September 26, 2020

In the game, not only can you customize and dress the members of BTS, but you can also add other characters to help you with the plot of your storyline. 

Some fans have noticed the fact that no Black characters were available for free, and in order to access it, you must purchase a “theme pack” within the game. Many complained about it on social media. 

black people? pic.twitter.com/d1XrVRmT8E

— chlo – PROBLEMATIC ERA ❄️ (@tbychloe) September 24, 2020

bts universe story said no gays 🚫 no black people 🚫 no brown people 🚫😙✌🏼

— steff 🌹| semi ia for my mental health (@ssteffi_) September 24, 2020

Why couldn’t they make her free??? Why we gotta buy her?-)-):): 😢😢😭 pic.twitter.com/uwpPCVJ2B1

— ten’s baby momma⁷ (@joontreats) September 24, 2020

probably not gonna play @BUSgameOfficial until they add some black people and POC….it’s 2020 how do you launch a game with only white skin tones?

— ᴮᴱ moo moo ⁷ ʲᵏ gets a comeback for her bday (@rnjjmin) September 24, 2020

A spokesperson from the game developer stated on the news that they “sincerely apologize for some limitations on free character options at launch.”

They’ve also stated that they will be making additional characters to the game. 

“In developing BTS Universe Story, it has always been our intention to provide a diverse set of options for our players to make their own creative expressions a reality for all to enjoy.

“We are honored to have such a passionate player community, and will continue striving to meet your expectations,” the statement said.

#BlackArmy will no longer have to pay to be Black! #BTSUniverseStory is officially adding 4 FREE Black female supporting characters following the scheduled update. pic.twitter.com/6cJFIa7F6d

— Black Army Coalition❂ (@BlackArmyCo) September 26, 2020

Finally. I think it was a marketing strategy because, lets face it, as a package, POC would have be on demand and would have been profitable for them to sell, but guess the complains were louder.

— Idis Brioso (@Tetedemami) September 26, 2020

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