Rahmania Astrini enters foreign shores with new single ‘Runaway’

October 03rd, 2020

There’s a massive wave of new music being put out this year, from heavyweights releasing long-awaited comeback singles and albums to rising acts entering unchartered territories. The latter include Warner Music Indonesia’s star-in-the-making Rahmania Astrini who’s promoting her upcoming all-English EP and collaboration with our very own soul duo, Leanne and Naara.

Rahmania Astrini’s first self-written English song “It’s Amazing” opened the doors for the singer-songwriter to become one of Indonesia’s promising new artists. Her debut single charted in six countries, and peaked at Apple Music’s Top 30 during its first week, while her follow-up single “Tak Lagi Sama” garnered more than 600k YouTube views and 300k Spotify streams in less than a month.

Before closing the year, Rahmania decided to release her newest single “Runaway” and introduce herself outside of her home country. “Runaway” is produced by Björn “Mr. Fantastic” Djupström, whose achievements include creating hit songs for Nicki Minaj, Jessie Reyez, J-Lo, and Khaled. For Rahmania, collaborating with Mr. Fantastic feels like a dream. “I never imagined that I could work with such a great producer and songwriter as him.” Rahmania also added that she was delighted when Mr. Fantastic helped her out with this release.


Rahmania admits that she has a strong personal sentiment embedded in “Runaway”. “There is [inspiration] actually. It’s about someone who made me feel a dilemma in the relationship. It’s about a love-hate relationship that makes you feel like escaping.”

“Runaway” is part of Rahmania Astrini’s debut extended play (EP), which is scheduled to be released in 2021. The all-English EP will feature international artists including the Philippines’ Leanne & Naara whom Rahmania met at a songwriting camp in Stockholm, Sweden. Rahmania admits that she really looks up to the duo, and enjoyed the time that they spent together. “We spent a couple of days together in Sweden – strolled around the city, drank more than 2 cups of coffee every time we wrote a song, and made a cover video together where they sounded totally amazing. I truly had the best time of my life. It was really nice working with Leanne & Naara. They are music geniuses who are really funny, kind, and just amazing – I’m really excited for their upcoming releases as well!”.

Rahmania Astrini’s “Runaway” is now out digitally on Spotify and Apple Music. 




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