Image: courtesy of MMCA and Park Swan

This exhibition in Korea is for art lovers and their dogs

October 01st, 2020

After months of lockdown with our four-legged companion, it’s rather difficult for some owners to leave them alone at home. That’s why a South Korean institution decided to launch an exhibition called “A Museum for All, A Museum for Dogs”. This one-of-a-kind show centers around the diverse meanings behind the notion of “companionship” and of “division of territory” between humans and animals.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul (MMCA) wants to be a cultural institution open to the whole family, and that includes domestic animals, considering that 30% of Korean households own a pet. And so they created an exhibition that is fully adapted to our canine friends.

“Companion animals are now part of many families, but few public places are allowed for canine visitors, not to mention museums,” curator Sung Yong-hee told Korean Times. “For this exhibition, it is more like dogs infiltrated into the museum space, not humans inviting dogs to the museum.”

To organize this show, the institution asked experts in different fields of architecture and animal behavior to conceive an exhibition space adapted to humans and their furry companions.

museum, dogs

Image: courtesy of MMCA and Park Swan

museum, dogs

Image: courtesy of MMCA and Park Swan

“A Museum for All, A Museum for Dogs” centers around 20 works and installations by local artists: Jung Yeondoo, Kim Yongkwan, Kim Kyung Jae, Kim Jungsun and Kim Jaelee.

The exhibition encompasses dance and music performances, videos, artworks, sound installations, robot performances, animation and mixed media works to address the theme of animals’ presence in museums, and it attempts to do away with certain stereotypes that exist about museums.

While “A Museum for All, A Museum for Dogs” was conceived to be dog-friendly, visitors will only be able to visit the exhibition with their pet until Oct. 25 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Dogs won’t be allowed in the space on Sundays. NVG


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