College Students extends a helping hand to Small and Mid Size Enterprises

September 23rd, 2020

The DLSU-Manila AB Organizational Communication Batch of 2017 will be holding an online webinar series via Zoom Conference on October 2 and 3 titled: The Contingency Plan: Managing Crisis Amidst the Pandemic. The webinar aims to enable small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) or other businesses to better address and adapt to the new obstacles that have come up throughout the pandemic by creating an insightful discussion on crisis communication that applies to their own needs and specifications. 

Crisis communication is becoming an increasingly relevant subject matter in today’s digital age, and emphasized further because of the limitations the COVID-19 pandemic has put on our country. When issues can become trending on social media, it is essential that organizations from different backgrounds must learn how to address their respective stakeholders properly during stressful situations not only to save face, but to be able to prioritize public safety. 

The speakers attending this event will be coming from the public and private sector in order to give a complete perspective and multiple approaches to handling unexpected events that spell high-stakes for any organization. 

To find out more, about The Contingency Plan: Managing Crisis Amidst the Pandemic, visit or if you are interested, register here:  


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