Art teacher buried trends that died in this 2017 pop culture Halloween graveyard

There are so many people and trends who can’t come to the phone right now. Why? ‘Cause they’re dead.

The old Taylor Swift isn’t the one who died this year. We got a list of names and trends in red, underlined too. As Halloween draws near, maybe it’s the perfect time to bury them six feet under and say “RIP” to them.

via Odyssey / Big Machine Records

Michael Fry, an art teacher and parent from Mamaroneck, New York, decided that the perfect way to win the Halloween decorations game this year was to create a graveyard of trends that died (or he wish would die down) this year.

via Michael Fry

Inspired by Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, Fry set up a graveyard on his front yard with several painted gravestones of trends and pop culture personalities. These include: Old Taylor Swift, Dabbing (still not dead though), Homemade Slime (Seriously, have you seen Instagram videos of these?), Ombre Hair, Payless Shoes, Trump Care, Plump Lips, and Viserion from Game of Thrones (Too soon, man. We’re still not okay with it.).

via Michael Fry
via Michael Fry

He also has a gravestone that says “Accountability (looking at you Millennials)” and honestly, it’s true, but shouldn’t we all be accountable for the things we do? Fry also thought “Watching Live TV” is dead—why? Because online streaming and binge-watching happened.

via Michael Fry

Seriously though, every year there are some things we wish we could bury and trends that we wish to die down. But the thing is, they—people and trends—always rise from the grave and come back haunting us.

via Tenor

Creating a Halloween graveyard is definitely a great idea. Now if only we all have a big front yard too!

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