This Twitter thread proves that we can absolutely fight while in a ball gown!

Unless you’re as skilled as Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie), you know how difficult it would be to kick some ass while in a dress — especially if it’s a ball gown!

But fantasy author Melissa Caruso debunks this notion and proves through a Twitter thread that you can still fiercely fight even while wearing a ball gown. Using Disney Princesses GIFs, Caruso illustrated the kinds of dresses are good for sword fighting and those that are not.

Her discussion was so on point and detailed that it actually went viral. Ready for a cool lecture? Read the whole thread below:

It turns out that while we’re worried about the dress being bulky, it’s the length that we should be concerned about. After all, you don’t want to trip over while you swing your sword against your opponent, right?

So make sure your dress is ankle-length before you go on full beast mode against someone!

Aside from the skirt, Caruso pointed out that the biggest problem in Disney princesses’ ball gowns are the sleeves.

But what about corsets? Well, Caruso also talked about that!

She finally summarizes it for quicker reference:

And you’d better take note of these because you’ll never know when these may actually come in handy!


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