The opportunity is Yours, JUMP10 – World Hoops Challenge

The 2017 JUMP10 National Selection Final took place on 31 July at the Rucker Park flagship store at the Expo site in Shanghai. 24 teams from 10 cities all around China participated in the game. Finally Team JN3*3 won the champion trophy. The Selection series began in March and ended in July 2017, taking place in 10 cities in China. Champions and runners-up of the 3v3 Selection series who represented their cities competed in the Selection final.

Following the JUMP10 Chinese national final, the Training Camp started today, lined up with the strong coaching team led by Audie Norris, the former NBA player, an assistant coach from the Greek National league, Dimitrios Galanis, Fitness Coach James Scott, and a Skill Coach Ganon Baker. In the next 2 weeks exclusive training, the coaching team will provide the 48 domestic players selected from the 10 cities selection games in past 5 months, with the most comprehensive and professional training. In the meanwhile, 32 players out of 48 will be chosen to form 4 teams representing China and compete against teams from 20 countries covering 5 continents, fighting for the 2017 JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge tournament.

 2017 JUMP10 World Hoops Challenge will take place at the Rucker Park Expo site, from August 17th to 20th. Apart from the 4 Team China, 20 international teams will participate in it as well. The match has adapted a unique and original games rule, in order to tight up the tempo of the game, making the results unpredictable. Most final players have a professional basketball background, and the total amount of bonus reaches highly at $200,000.

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About the founder

Andy Wu, vice president of Rucker Sports development Ltd. Shanghai, who’s in charge of the organization and the carry-out of international sports events, promotion of the company’s brand, development and sales of the sports products with 12-year working experience in sports company. He once was the project leader in some huge scale events of NBA China, Reebok, 361°, etc.

 About the brand – JUMP10

JUMP -Basketball is a sport involved jumping;

10-10 seconds to speed up adrenaline, 10 warriors to conquer this court, 10 inches is the height from the floor to the rim, the distance to achieve the dream.

JUMP 10 is all about gathering ballers all over the nation, after they receive intense training from a team of professional coaches, they are expected to play against elite teams from various countries. We ought to expose those amateurs to the basketball cultural charm, meanwhile, give a hand to the course of Chinese basketball development. Here, ball masters from each corner could play against, learn from, become friends even brothers with one another. JUMP10 is a feast, or rather a world-shaking basketball carnival, which gives a better definition to basketball.

JUMP10 is a platform for basketball communication with an international standard, through which domestic amateurs could compare with world-class players. At the same time, players from other counties are able to know thoroughly about the development of Chinese basketball industry. With the success holding of 2016 JUMP 10 event, this year we will enlarge the scale of the event, and divide the matches throughout the whole year into Selection, elite camp and the final tournament.

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