M1LDL1FE release new single “How You Forget”; self-titled EP set for release on July 28th




July 14th, 2017 – Singapore – Singapore indie-pop band, M1LDL1FE, has released a brand new track “How You Forget” today. This is the band’s second single from their upcoming self-titled EP, due out July 28th. The song is available now on all digital platforms here:radi.al/M1ldl1feHowyouforget.

A song about how we treat memories of the people we love, this slow-burning number’s instrumentation reflects its pensive lyrical themes. “The idea for the song came about when I found myself not being able to remember some my moments with an ex-lover. It was as if those moments never existed. And I found it strange that for someone with whom at the time you felt so connected to, someone you allowed inside your walls, memories with them you would think be permanent, yet you cannot seem to remember most of it,” explains frontman Paddy Ong. Pulsing to a steady beat, the song is driven by a looping, almost ennui-like 4-note arpeggio, sitting in-between chiming, verb-drenched guitars.

Last month, M1LDL1FE debuted the music video for first single, “Distraction”. The single, which topped the Spotify Viral 50 Chart in Singapore, is available here:radi.al/M1ldl1feHowyouforget.

“How You Forget” available here:radi.al/M1ldl1feHowyouforget

Formerly known as Take Two, M1LDL1FE cuts across the indie-pop grain, weaving together lush electronic textures and eclectic dance grooves into the pop sensibilities of guitar-driven indie music of the early 2000s. Armed with a fresh and grittier sonic palette, the band will release their eponymous EP on July 28thM1LDL1FE is Paddy Ong (vocals), Tan Peng Sing (guitar), David Siow (bass) and Jeryl Yeo (drums).