Stray dog earns applause from audience after interrupting a live orchestra performance

Dubbed as the “cutest moment in classical music” by Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say, a stray dog casually walked into the live performance of Vienna Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ola Rudner, at Izmir Festival in Ephesus, Turkey.

The dog wandered onstage yawning during the orchestra’s performance of Mendelssohn’s “Italian Symphony” which promptly gets laughter and applause from the audience. Some of the violinists were even smiling when the dog decided to stay and sit beside one of them.

After watching the video, some netizens were curious about what happened to the stray dog–asking if someone adopted classical-music-loving dog.

Who wouldn’t want to adopt a dog who loves music and is badass enough to walk around a concert stage like that?!

Screenshot from YouTube / International İzmir Festival

This musical doggo may just be a “surprise guest,” but he’s definitely a show-stealer and probably was the highlight of the show for the concertgoers!

Screenshot from YouTube / International İzmir Festival

Doggo made a heckin’ good show!

via Tenor