Jaden Smith might be making his “K-Pop” debut this year

A lot of foreign artists are taking an interest in becoming a K-Pop idol these days.

American actor and rapper Jaden Smith might be joining the K-Pop craze with his own music pretty soon. Jaden announced on Twitter that he will be dropping a K-Pop single within the next four months and people have mixed reactions about it!


Jaden had some people backing his decision.



But most people are really not into the idea of him being a K-Pop star.


Some are pretty confused why a lot of non-Koreans are venturing into the K-Pop world these days.


Recently, there’s also an all-American K-Pop group, EXP edition, who got roasted by some K-Pop fans who think the group shouldn’t be considered “K” Pop. Jaden’s announcement had some fans comparing him to EXP edition.


And just like the case of EXP edition, people are saying that Jaden can’t be K-Pop because a.) he’s not Korean, and b.) singing in Korean doesn’t automatically make a song K-Pop.


Well, whether fans like it or not, it’s clear what Jaden’s goals are:


Guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves within the next four months!