‘One Call Away’ music video produced during quarantine, serves as a reminder that you are not alone

July 28th, 2020

The following #POPCreators entry was submitted by Stephanie Kristen Pineda.

“When the tears fall, just remember my name. And I will rescue your day, I’m just one call away.” These are lines from the song One Call Away which is a reminder that everybody has a friend whom they can reach out to.

The lyrics and melody were written by Elvin Mitra while Pineda is the co-writer and director of the music video. Both Mitra and Pineda have reached out to old friends, colleagues, relatives, and even strangers, to create the music video while in quarantine.

Pineda told POP! that this project has helped her connect with more people, which is essential given that she has very limited social interactions since she recently moved to New York.

“We wanted to simulate a phone call or a Zoom conversation through the music video”, Pineda explained. “It wasn’t difficult to do during quarantine as it was something that we are doing on a day-to-day basis.” 

Mitra hopes to inspire more people to reach their loved ones because he believes that “a simple ‘hello’ can rescue someone [especially those who are experiencing anxiety or depression]”.

The song was performed by Ashley Alisha, who also happens to be a K-pop artist and has co-written hits like ITZY’s ICY.

Watch the full video below:

POP! Creators/Stephanie Kristen Pineda/Elvin Mitra


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