Seaversity continues their Platform Developments as the demand for Blended Learning arise

July 12th, 2020

During the quarantine period, Seaversity conducted a webinar with Philippine Merchant Marine Academy’s Superintendent, Commo. Joel Abutal and Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation’s EVP, Mary Ann Pastrana where they gave updates on how they are coping up with the pandemic, their status, operations, and future plans in their respective institutions amidst the pandemic and how Seaversity eases their system. Both institutions assured that they will remain strong, and they will take care of their cadets and workforce for the country, Philippines.

Living up to their tagline as “The Catalyst of the Maritime Fleet of Tomorrow,” since 2017, Seaversity, through their world-class, revolutionary, and innovative platforms, is growing and constantly gaining recognition nationwide and abroad. Their humble beginning started with the drive to enhance the quality of maritime education and training with the use of futuristic technology. Seaversity believes in capability building and preparing future seafarers through non-traditional learning techniques and programs. The world, after all, is on its way to automation and digitization. Seaversity aims to contribute to that progression by being the catalyst of tomorrow’s maritime fleet.

Their platforms include the following:

  1. Online-Offline Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Blockchain certification
  5. Online Enrollment and Payment
  6. Electronic Training Record Book (ETRB)

Seaversity created their Online-Offline Learning Management System (LMS) that is compliant with the CHEd Advisories and JCMMC 2019. Their solutions that shall assist the institution with emphasis on:

  1. Deploying a Pre-Configured MOODLE System that is fit for the CHEd – MARINA JCMMC 2019 Requirements for eLearning with a system set up for FastCat Cadetship Structured Program with Electronic TRB System;
  2. Along with a pre-developed COURSE MATERIALS and ASSESSMENT DATA based on the requirements to assist instructors and students;
  3. A mobile application that shall be ONLINE and OFFLINE to reduce bandwidth usage and ease cost;
  4. System support, maintenance, and back up to ensure that the configurations are set to standards;
  5. Assistance on the training of instructors, students, and IT Administrators with the use of pre-recorded archives, live video, and chat support;
  6. Guaranteed Slots for Onboard training in FastCat operated Vessel.

Their Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) enable users to learn immersively and increase their learning retention. Their Online Enrollment and Payment Gateway eases the operations of their partner institutions. The ETRB allows the users and training centers access real-time evaluation on their mobile phones or laptops. The blockchain certificates provide fraud-proof and tamper-proof credentials. All systems are backed-up with a secured data bank.

Together with their longtime partners, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA), Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Westbay College (WBC), STI-NAMEI, Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (FastCat), Abojeb, and PCI Tech Center, Seaversity is consistently gaining momentum in building their credibility as their team consistently provide outputs that are living up to their clients’ standards.

Another milestones were achieved recently as Central Luzon College of Science and Technology (CELTECH), Baliwag Maritime Academy (BMA), and Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS), sealed their partnership with Seaversity as they gear up for blended learning.

Seaversity started their movement with their campaign of “Let us make distance learning possible” because learning is not just limited within the four corners of the room. Seaversity empowers learners and educators to learn anytime, anywhere.

On the 13th day of July 2020 at 3PM, Seaversity will be having their webinar to explain the features of the LMS and the AR via Facebook and Youtube LIVE as the company’s educators, Engr. Patt Tubog and Engr. Primo Ibias navigate on each platform. The company is looking forward to a brighter future as their milestones only fueled their vision to be the pillar of the Philippine Maritime Education and Training, and be the “Catalyst of the Maritime Fleet of Tomorrow.”


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