M.A.C Cosmetics has teamed up with Sims 4' to enable players of the life-simulation video game to create makeup looks for their avatars. Image: Courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics

‘Sims 4’ avatars to sport makeup looks

June 30th, 2020

Thanks to a collaboration between M.A.C. Cosmetics and Maxis, the Electronic Arts Inc. studio responsible for the development of “Sims 4,” it will now be possible to create an infinite range of beauty looks to make your Sims more glamorous than ever before.

An entire new world has been opened up to beauty addicts and makeup enthusiasts with the introduction of virtual M.A.C Cosmetics in “Sims 4”. For the first time since the creation of the life-simulation game, branded cosmetics will be available to players who wish to further customize their everyday virtual heroes. Plenty of imagination will be all that is required to provide them with unique beauty looks for their daily routines and glamorous occasions.

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M.A.C Cosmetics has teamed up with Sims 4′ to enable players of the life-simulation video game to create makeup looks for their avatars. Image: Courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics

“For the past 20 years, The Sims has strived to empower people to express themselves — both in the game and in real life — and our collaboration with M·A·C Cosmetics further celebrates the diversity and creativity of our amazing community. Players can experiment with these new makeup looks from M·A·C to create Sims that are unique and redefine their own rules of beauty,” said Lyndsay Pearson, general manager and executive producer of “The Sims”.

A full range of cosmetics with an emphasis on artistic makeup has been made available to Simmers. The products for the complexion, eyes and lips, among others, have been designed to suit a wide diversity of people, regardless of age, gender and skin color. In short, there is more than enough to create endless looks and to learn the art of applying makeup like a true makeup artist.

“It’s been so much fun to digitally recreate all of my IRL makeup inspirations from endless photo shoots, masterclasses, pop culture and hundreds of Fashion Weeks. With so many of us around the world staying home, our collaboration will inspire Simmers to become makeup artists expressing themselves in a way the game has never offered before. I can’t wait to see Simmers’ creations both in-game and IRL as well,” said M·A·C Director of makeup artistry Romero Jennings, who developed the different looks.

To venture into the world of virtual makeup, you will need a full version of “Sims 4” with all of the current updates as well as the free M.A.C. Cosmetics update. NVG


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