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Welcome to Maison du Noix!: Man builds a mini restaurant for stray animals in his backyard

April 15th, 2020

During the lockdown period, we are not the only ones who are greatly affected by the changes caused by the “new normal.” And if you have been following the news lately, wild animals also wander through empty streets and communities looking for food as tourist arrivals decline due to the COVID-19 crisis.

This reality pushed animal lover James Vreeland (from Michigan, United States) to help in feeding the squirrels and birds who frequent his backyard. Compared to other people who would just leave a bowl of food at their doorstep or in the yard, this man upped his game by building a tiny restaurant for local wildlife. Yes, that extra. 

Screengrab from James Vreeland’s Facebook Live

“We’ve been offering an opening course of a seed medley, followed by peanuts on the full shell, house-cut bread sticks, and a dessert of counter-softened apples,” Vreeland told The Dodo.

Screengrab from James Vreeland’s Facebook Live

Just when you thought this idea is nuts, Vreeland even set up a camera outside his home so his family and neighbors can watch the animals via Facebook Live.

“The response from humans has been pretty great with people stopping all the time to take a photo or watch the frenzy,” he explained.

Watch the full Facebook Live here:

Maison du Noix

Posted by James Vreeland on Tuesday, April 14, 2020


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