LGBTQ+ fans thanked Lady Gaga for her response to ‘penis rumors’ in resurfaced interview

April 14th, 2020

Back in the day, Lady Gaga’s sexuality became a hot topic on the internet because of a rumor suggesting that the singer might be a hermaphrodite, having genitals of both sexes. At the time, a lot of people believed that she had a penis but Lady Gaga, being the unbothered queen that she is, didn’t think it was such a big deal.

In a clip from a 60 Minutes Overtime interview that was recently shared by a Lady Gaga fan account on Twitter, Gaga was asked by Anderson Cooper about the rumor that she had “a male appendage, that [she was] a hermaphrodite”. The singer, while popping a fake diamond in her mouth (LOL, only Gaga, right?), promptly replied with: “Maybe I do. Would it be so terrible?

“Why the hell am I going to waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a penis? My fans don’t care and neither do I.”

remember when everybody thought @ladygaga had a penis and instead of denying this she just said this

— Gaga Daily (@gagadaily) April 11, 2020

After the clip resurfaced online, some fans recalled “not caring” about Gaga’s alleged penis and listening to her when they were younger because Lady Gaga’s music is one of the best things that ever happened in the last decade.

Lol I remember believing the rumour and not caring, 11 yo me was woke

— Meh (@MilReasonsAgain) April 11, 2020

me still religiously listening to Ms. Gaga at 12 years old while the media tried to make a huge deal about it

— 𝚛𝚊𝚢 (@bigbootytx_) April 12, 2020

LGBTQ+ fans in particular commended Gaga for exposing how vile public opinion is and thanked her for helping the younger generation of trans women. She has stood by her “queer fans whose existence has always been shamed and refused to argue about their validity,” and educated people about transphobia.

"Maybe I do. Would it be so terrible?"

Wow the courage to (1) lean into the public opinion and expose it for how vile it was and (2) stand by queer fans whose existence have always been shamed and refuse to argue about their validity LUV U GAGA

— Janus (@janustrongx) April 12, 2020

lady gaga really did help a younger generation of trans women by not rejecting this and being like “ew no women don’t have penises haha 🤣” but instead being like “who gives a fuck”

— ൠ evie ൠ (@utah_barbie) April 11, 2020

gaga really said trans rights

— dαwniee🌈☁️ (@dawnieedreams) April 11, 2020

i was raised by a bunch of wannabe rednecks and if it wasnt for gaga tackling transphobia and giving me a reality check i dont know where the fuck id be honestly bc i was so ignorant before her

— david blowie (@dakotathomxs) April 11, 2020

Honestly if you’re a trans woman this is just life I’m so serious. People are obsessed

— shon faye. (@shonfaye) April 12, 2020


Isn’t it crazy how times have changed? Imagine someone asking Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish if they had a penis on national television in 2020.

— Gaga Daily (@gagadaily) April 11, 2020

Aside from being an active ally of the LGBTQ+ community, Lady Gaga has always been known for shutting down sexists remarks and using her platform to speak up for victims of sexual abuse.

10 years ago today, Lady Gaga shut down a sexist interviewer after he tried to diminish her music and videos for being too provocative. Now that was a clapback!

— Lady Gaga Facts (@LGMonsterFacts) July 26, 2019

We stan this unbothered “rockstar” and we can’t wait for Chromatica to come out!

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