This woman’s clever online shopping hack will save you from getting the wrong shoes

February 25th, 2020

Aside from the fact that most online stores offer lower prices, online shopping also saves you time and money from going to a physical store. Despite its “promise of convenience,” purchasing items online can’t always be a pleasant experience—especially when they don’t look good on you in person.

That’s why to avoid getting disappointed, Megan Papas (a woman who currently works for New Zealand’s radio station) revealed a game-changing tip for buying shoes online.

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In a video shared by ZM radio station’s Facebook page, online users have been calling her a genius for coming up with such a clever trick. Just by using a paper cutout of herself, Papas is confident that she’s buying the right pair for her outfit.

The Mirror reports that Papas also laminates her photos so she can use them whenever she goes online shopping.

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If you’re tired of getting the wrong shoes every time you go online shopping, you can also try Papas’ revolutionary lifehack. All you have to do is to print a photo of your side profile then snip off your feet, so you can line the end of your legs up with the picture of the shoe on the computer.

Happy online shopping, fam!

Via Giphy

Watch the full video here:

Megan’s online shoe shopping trick is too good 😂👠

Posted by ZM on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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