Six-time cancer survivor Stacy Kimmel. Image: Facebook/@foundationforlivingbeauty

This six-time cancer survivor got cheered on in her own parade

January 14th, 2020

While donning a tiara and sash and surrounded by colorful flowers on her own makeshift float, a six-time cancer survivor’s wish to participate in Pasadena, California’s annual Rose Parade was in some way fulfilled by the caring organizers of her impromptu motorcade.

Stacy Kimmel was invited to be a part of the 2020 Rose Parade on New Year’s day in the United States. Unfortunately, the cancer survivor was not able to participate due to health reasons. The non-profit organization Living Beauty, dedicated to empowering women battling cancer, helped Stacy Kimmel check this important item on her bucket list on Jan. 7.

Stacy Kimmel cancer survivor

Six-time cancer survivor Stacy Kimmel. Image: Facebook/@foundationforlivingbeauty

Kimmel was supposed to appear in the Rose Parade as a representative of thousands of women with cancer, the organization stated via its Facebook page on the same day. The parade with the theme “The Power of Hope” had a special meaning for Kimmel as she has continuously conquered cancer despite being told she only had two months to live five years ago.

With the help of six Pasadena Police Department officers who served as Kimmel’s escorts, a local flower shop which donated the arrangement in the float, and a loaned convertible car, Kimmel took her own trip around the parade’s route. Some of the organization’s members also became Kimmel’s personal cheerleaders, as per the post, and they celebrated the parade with lunch.

Our incredible Living Beauty and six-time cancer Survivor Stacy Kimmel had something important on her bucket list – to…

Posted by The Foundation for Living Beauty on Monday, January 6, 2020

Kimmel reaffirmed her determination to battle cancer as she said, “There is always hope and there are always other opportunities and treatments now that weren’t there so long ago.” NVG


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