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Twitter users mourn the passing of Filipino comic book legend Gerry Alanguilan

December 21st, 2019

Today is a sad day for comic book readers as they mourn the death of Gerry Alanguilan. According to reports, the passing of the Filipino comic book legend came from his wife Ilyn Florese, who posted the announcement on social media early this morning.

Alanguilan was known for his local comics which included “Wasted”, “Elmer”, “Johnny Balbona”, and “Timawa”. He was also involved in the Western comic industry as an inker for Marvel and DC Comics.

Photo Credit: Leo M. Sabangan II/ INQUIRER.net via lifestyle.inquirer.net

Since news of this broke, many of Alanguilan’s friends and fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts, praises, and condolences for the Filipino artist. Here are some of the sentiments they shared online:

I was just an unemployed artist and wasnt sure where I'm headed. Then I met one of my idols Gerry Alanguilan @komikero. He accepted me to his group and gave me encouragement.

Thank you Gerry. Our world is a little dimmer without you…

— Mico Suayan (@MicoSuayan) December 20, 2019

The world has lost a good man, and comics has lost a legend and an inspiration. Here’s to Gerry Alanguilan and here’s to those who carry on.

— Paolo Chikiamco (@anitero) December 20, 2019

Praying for Gerry Alanguilan, the @komikero

— Dead Balagtas (@Deadbalagtas) December 20, 2019

The world has become a dimmer place. Rest in peace, Gerry Alanguilan.

We have only met twice, but your works have left a profound impact during the darkest days of my life. Thank you for sharing the pages of Elmer to the world.

— Yuri Mangahas (@shutterkindler) December 21, 2019

My fondest memory with you is reading Elmer. In that comic, I had a chance to have a glimpse of how wonderful your mind works. Rest in Peace, Sir Gerry Alanguilan. 🥺🙏✨ pic.twitter.com/ZlOLArhwSa

— ana soya 🔥 (@anathecowgirlxo) December 21, 2019

Thank you and goodbye for now, Gerry. I’m still processing this, and will probably continue to do so in the coming days. Will always be grateful for your friendship and support. #komikero #gerryalanguilan pic.twitter.com/citFLtZ17k

— Oliver Pulumbarit (@olipulumbarit) December 20, 2019



I'm sorry. It hurts.

Gerry Alanguilan was THE one that inspire me to walk the path of a comic artist.

— Witchy @ Ko-Fi commissions are Open (@soulless009) December 20, 2019

Even Marvel Editor-In-Chief C.B. Cebulski posted this message on Twitter:

Saddened to learn of the passing of Gerry Alanguilan. Another wonderful person taken from us too soon. An amazingly talented writer and inker, mentor to younger artists, and advocate for global comics, the comics world and Filipino art community lost a friend and hero today.

— C.B. Cebulski (@CBCebulski) December 20, 2019

The world lost a great man today and like many of these online users, we offer our condolences to Gerry Alanguilan’s family and friends. May he rest in peace.

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