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Tapioca pearls on fries? This store in Manila offers boba-inspired food for milk tea lovers

October 18th, 2019

Milk tea or also known for its alternative names like Pearl tea, Boba tea, or Bubble tea has become one of the most popular beverages in the country. And because of its soaring popularity, most of us have probably experienced waiting in long queues just to get our “milk-tea fix.”

In a study conducted by a food delivery service in the Philippines, the country ranked second in Southeast Asia, with an average growth rate of 3,000%. The report also indicates that the number of milk tea lovers within this subregion of Asia has increased roughly by 12,000%.

Needless to say, the milk tea craze is far from over.

In fact, a lot of milk tea stores have already started diversifying bubble tea in food. Recently, The Pearl Fajardo, a Manila-based tea room, has been making the rounds online because of its strange boba-inspired food. The shop described it as some kind of “Triple Treat” for customers who may enjoy the combination of tapioca pearls and french fries.

Triple Treat just for you 💛💛💛#ThePearl

Posted by The Pearl Fajardo on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

According to the tea shop, “We came up with this idea to fuse our top sellers in the store, our french fries imported from Thailand and our famous chewy pearl.”

And just like the Boba Pizza, which went viral last year, this menu also received mixed reactions from online users.

“[There are] some customers who did not try it, especially those who are commenting online doesn’t like the idea. But we do have a lot of people coming in just to try it and they are very much satisfied upon tasting it. There are customers who at first were quite shy ordering the product but we saw [that] they are satisfied with it.”

via Tenor

With many milk tea stores sprouting in any corner, business owners need to come up with unique ideas in order to stand out—and this latest boba-inspired dish is one of them!


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