Nintendo 64 references spotted in new Nike Air Max 97 design

July 15th, 2019

Although the brand has not called it an official homage or collaboration, video game fans have spotted six eye-catching ways that this upcoming Nike Air Max 97 edition connects to 1997’s Nintendo 64 design.

Nike, Nintendo 64

The Nike Air Max 97. Image: courtesy of Nike via AFP Relaxnews

The color scheme of the CI5012-001 line follows that of the Nintendo 64 gamepad: predominantly light gray with green, blue, red and dark gray accents.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Yet faint triangle motifs on the sneaker’s lowest heel-to-toe panel echo those on the N64 controller’s four yellow buttons.

Then, on the heel of each shoe, a reworked Air Max logo is shaped and squeezed into an oval capsule, evoking Nintendo’s own brand treatment at the time.

The tongue badges have the usual Nike logos swapped out for oval “Power” and “Reset” motifs, referencing the N64’s console housing; the shoes’ insoles sport a Nike-flavored remix of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) logo.

And finally, three holes punched into the tongue pull-tabs mirror the console’s controller ports. RGA/JB


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