Glamming up my brides: A Makeup Artist story

July 09th, 2019
This is a sponsored guest posting by Erwin ‘Kleng’ Totanes Oning.

As a celebrity & commercial makeup artist, the energy I use for my work is always imbued with positive emotions. This transformed personalities to exude confidence, and that confidence led them to become the person they wanted to be… and that process of what I do is art.

I am humbled that my innate talent and passion produce creations to surprise and inspire. My daily grind aims to achieve that everyone who sits on my makeup chair feels comfortable, loved and glammed.

In this industry, I make sure that whenever I work with my valued clients, it is always done on a personal yet professional level. My portfolio includes collaboration with stylists, creative directors and photographers for publications and advertorials.

Just recently, I found myself discussing ideas with brides and grooms who commissioned me to be part of their big day. I consider it as the highlight of my journey as an artist which I enjoy a lot, and I’m continuously learning as I go through the process.

Couples today are more informed and know what they want. My role is to help them translate their ideas and make them happen on their momentous day; and for me, that is an accomplishment. I can’t deny the fact that I love weddings – the beautiful flowers, the tears of happiness, excited guests, and of course a beautiful & stunning bride and a handsome groom. All of it is just too beautiful.

I am a proud Bicolano and these God given talents and skills have made many brides happy, including clients outside of Metro Manila. I’ve had beautiful brides in Davao, Batangas, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Tagaytay, Daet, even Marinduque. I was first noticed by professional artists in the United Arab Emirates, where I was based for some time as a sales manager and a human resource professional. A designer and close friend, Aldwin Jlo Ornopia, encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a full-fledged makeup artist. Eventually, my determination paid off when my work was featured in Abu Dhabi’s Tempo magazine.

Shortly, upon returning to the Philippines, Aldwin Jlo introduced me to a New York based photographer, Filbert Kung. Filbert was instrumental to paving my way as I began collaborating with publications, fashion brands and ad agencies; there, I mastered my craft working with business professionals, politicians, beauty queens, celebrities, athletes, TV personalities and social media influencers, among others. Some of the names I have worked with includes celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo and daughters Cristalle Henares-Pitt and Scarlett Snow Belo,KAREN DAVILA, socialite and fashion designer Junjun Ablaza, Miss World Philippines 2019 Katarina Rodriguez, actresses Dawn Chang,YLONA.GARCIA and Sandy ANDOLONG and actors Christopher de Leon and Luis Manzano.

It sometimes feels surreal to be able to work with well-known personalities and well established brands. But I always keep myself grounded. Humility gives me a sense of fulfillment and reminds me to always work harder to become better at what I do. I have to mention Nanan Villalba, who is among the very few, who had always been with me up to this very moment, continuously guiding and supporting me in this industry.

My name is Erwin ‘Kleng’ Totanes Oning, a professional makeup artist and this is my story.

For makeup appointments and inquiries, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or send a message to Kleng on Facebook.com/dreamersbrush or Instagram.com/erwinoning.



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