You can now enable ‘dark mode’ in Messenger so people can’t easily peek at your messages

March 07th, 2019
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It’s hard on the eyes when you’re fast asleep and you suddenly wake up to check a message you received—thinking it might be an important one or from someone you’ve been waiting to reply. That sudden flash of brightness causes discomfort in the eyes and could somehow lead to serious problems when exposed for too long. And aside from the health risks of your phone emitting a blinding level of brightness, there’s also a chance that the person next to you could easily read your messages while peeking at your phone’s screen.

Good thing, there’s now a way you can chat through the night that’s both safer for your eyes and from the chismosa next to you trying to see what you and your friends have been chatting about. Facebook Messenger recently launched a new feature called “dark mode” that’s easier on the eyes as it switches the white background to black. It lowers the brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy and is ideal for use in low light situations.

To enable dark mode, all you have to do is send a crescent moon emoji (🌙) in any Messenger chat to unlock the setting and a prompt to turn on dark mode.

Can you find Messenger's new dark mode? Hint: it comes out under a crescent moon 🌙.

— Messenger (@messenger) March 4, 2019

Upon the global launch of the dark mode, some got pretty excited about the new feature and found it as a more eye-friendly user interface.

Just found out if you Send a “🌙” emoji to someone in your Facebook messenger it unlocks FB dark mode and changes it from white to black 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Eleanor✨ (@Ellierose089) March 5, 2019

I have discovered Messenger Dark Mode!! 😍😍

— Chris Higa ☻ (@chrisediting) March 5, 2019

Dark mode in Facebook messenger makes it much easier for me to read. #DarkMode

— Tech Talk (Ricky) (@TechTalkUK1) March 5, 2019

Others weren’t much of a fan.

I really love a dark mode option but guuuurl messenger could've used a dark blue like twitter or a dark grey like youtube but noooooo THEY HAD TO USE MOTHERFVCKING PITCH BLACK THAT MAKES YOUR CHAT COLORS POP HURTING YOUR EYES MORE. SMH

— Karen (@ROSSANAAAAAAAA) March 3, 2019

messenger's dark mode is ugly af

just saying

— ᜀᜎᜒᜄ᜔ᜈ 🦍 (@ali_mesintia) March 3, 2019

dark mode in messenger is sooo unattractive 🙄

— petsch (@archi_quin12) March 3, 2019

Some even prefer “dark nights” over dark mode.

dark mode sa messenger?

i prefer talking with u under the night sky, moon, and stars sa beach. dali parisan natog redhorse.

— Karlo Aure ☁️ (@karlo_aure) March 3, 2019

And apparently, if you’re an iPhone user, there’s a way for you to change all your apps into dark mode.

To all iOS users, you can dark mode your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger. Just follow this!#DarkMode

— brye (@MrTacsay) March 3, 2019


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