INQUIRER Interactive Inc. is not affiliated with Pick-Up Artist (PUA) Academy

February 12th, 2019
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In the recent cover photo of Pick-Up Artist (PUA) Academy’s official Facebook page,, and other media outlets have been included in the list of affiliations that allegedly show support to the said dating company.

However, the text reads “As seen on” in the cover photo is misleading as INQUIRER INTERACTIVE, INC. the company operating, InqPOP!, Brandroom, Cebu Daily News, and Inquirer Digital Outdoor, as well as its sister companies under Inquirer Group of Companies, are not affiliated and have no existing marketing partnerships and/or agreement with PUA, is not affiliated with PUA, and does not endorse this group.

In fact, PUA Academy made the rounds on social media last year after disgusted netizens exposed the company’s problematic philosophy. Claiming to be the biggest dating company in the country, their vision is to “revolutionize and inspire lifelong learning about dating, love, and success to the society of men.” With a promise to “cure the disease of loneliness,” dating coaches set up workshops and boot camps, where they “educate” other men on how to approach and seduce women.

Led by Hussein “Smooth” Meneses, CEO of PUA Academy and author of “Smooth Seduction (Pickup Artist Outer Game),” their company has been operating as a business without any legal documentation since 2008. They even conduct classes that range from P2,000 (one-day training) to P25,000 (three-day workshop).

This should only serve as a warning to other potential marketing partners of PUA Academy that we have not engaged in any discussion or marketing or editorial efforts with them.

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