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Here’s why bookworms should read ‘The Last Song’ for Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2019

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The Last Song is a heartbreaking tale that explores love in two different aspects – romantic love and familial love. It’s a romance that will surely stir up your emotions, as it unfolds the vivid reality about pain and happiness.

The story happens in a small beach town in North Carolina where 17-year-old protagonist Veronica “Ronnie” Miller experiences the thrill of having a ‘first love’, the aftermath of making wrong decisions, and the true meaning behind love and forgiveness.

If you want to know about this incredible love story, here are some reasons why “The Last Song” is a mustread for romance book lovers this Valentine’s season.

It is timeless and universal

If you’re looking for beautiful fiction, you should consider Nicholas Sparks’s works since most of his stories have landed on the New York Times Bestselling Author list. This proves that Sparks’ novels continue to be the “cream of the crop.” And his writing style really touches the reader’s hearts and minds without exaggerating his words.

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Even though the novel primarily talks about Will and Ronnie, the author did not fail to let the readers get all emotional towards other characters like Ronnie’s father.

It is perfect for hopeless romantics

The story is relatable because everyone has probably experienced the same thing culminated to the characters – the conflict and complications associated with romance.

Just like some of us who are afraid of being hurt again, Ronnie was uncertain but then, she realized that Will’s intentions are good and she finally opened up her heart to him. Their love story is the epitome of the relationship every hopeless romantic would want to experience.

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It features strong moral values

One of the best lessons that you can learn from the book or movie is the importance of being nice to everyone. Aside from love for family, compassion and trust are also emphasized in the story. Plus, there will come a time that your loved ones will hurt or disappoint you, but believe that every person still deserves a second chance in your heart.


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