UP Engineering Radio Guild holds SYNERGY: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Summit 2018

November 09th, 2018

SYNERGY: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Summit is a four-day gathering for students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering) and other degree programs related to it.

It aims to be a venue for students to learn more about their chosen field and its relevance to the everyday lives of the Filipino people, as well as to share their thoughts and ideas that would benefit the country using concepts learned in engineering. It also targets to build a network among the students majoring in EEE from different colleges and universities all over the country and to help the students connect with the industry for more opportunities. SYNERGY hopes to encourage students to become more active in finding creative solutions using engineering, that would further the progress of the country.

The UP Engineering Radio Guild in media partnership with Inquirer.net presents SYNERGY: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Summit 2018 this November 13-16, 2018 at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

On its seventh year, SYNERGY focuses on the country’s recent technological advancements in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Our goal is to make technology affordable while integrating the principles of Universal Design, ensuring that everybody, regardless of their financial status, age, size, ability or disability, can utilize these technologies.

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