We could all use a drink as climate change may cause beer shortage

October 19th, 2018

Shrinking glaciers, sea ice loss, floods, and storms are some of the life-threatening impacts brought about by climate change. This nature-influenced crisis is one of the biggest fears that humanity faces.

However, the extremity of climate change has gone a little too far, as the recently dire news about beer shortages are making some literally “cry into their beer”.

Over the years, beer has always been one of the most popular beverages in the world, and has become an essential part of family gatherings and social celebrations.

Despite its negative side effects, beer can also help improve a person’s health. It has properties that can strengthen bones and even decrease the chance of having kidney stones. With that said, beer drinkers should still practice drinking in moderation.

According to a new study, the supply of beer is projected to dwindle due to climate change brought about by the worsening heat and drought, causing barley production to be limited.  Malted barley is widely known to be one of the main ingredients, so this means: no barley, no beer!

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A small team of experts studied that beer shortage is possible to happen in the next decades. This may sound relatively unimportant, but researchers found out that it is expected to affect the lives of many individuals.

Most harvested barley are intended to feed the livestock, whereas only 17 percent of the world barley is brewed to produce beer. The beer scarcity is said to mainly affect Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. While pricing conditions will increase by fivefold due to low supply.

Seeing how climate change affects our lives more than we could ever imagine, then we should double our efforts to help prevent global warming.


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