3 Hours, 2 Projects, 1 Barangay

July 05th, 2018
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Two projects were launched last June 30, 2018 by the JCI Makati Princess Urduja namely: Little Drops of Hope: Humble Opportunities to Provide Enrichment and One Million Rose: Reliance on Sustainable Environment, Under the 2018 Directorate of Ms. Camile Perez (National Relations Director, led by their President Ms. Emmy Limas) with Chairwomen Ms. Lisley Aurelio and Ms. Desiree Sivam.

In cooperation with Barangay Pembo led by Capt. Jeline “Baby” Olfato and Bedroom Farming by Ms. Genevieve Ambata for the Benefit of Sinag ng Pag-Asa SPED and The Revival of the Historical Tunnel of Pembo and make it as a tourism and economic hub by growing Mushroom in the tunnel and the proceeds will benefit the Barangay but most especially the unemployed mothers of the area. The goal was to create a long term, sustainable development program wherein we would help in nation building by providing decent work, teaching the barangay how to live better by taking care of the environment, and reducing inequalities.

“’This is an answered prayer, Thank you for choosing us Junior Chamber International.”, Kapitana Baby Olfato.

The JCI committee credits this collaboration to fate and acclaims that it is all for the Glory of God. They are humbled that they had the opportunity to spend a day with the Children as well as see the situation in the tunnel and hear about it’s story.


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