Fete de la Musique 2018 _ACOUSTIC Stage

July 03rd, 2018
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More than 2,000 people attended this year’s Fete de la Musique (#FDLM2018) _ACOUSTIC stage at the _GALLERY at ASPACE Greenbelt! Throughout the years, we have always relied on volunteers + collaborators to help us run a successful production. For this year’s Fete, we worked closely with Cubism (for Stage Production), and Batang Lansangan. We were also supported by the following Brand Backers: Sperry, Tim&Co., Inquirier.Net, Inquirer Pop, WhenInManila.com and Custom Thread for our official shirts.
We turned the _ACOUSTIC stage into an indoor neon tropical island, with the walls filled up with photos from our previouse Fete _ACOUSTIC performaces creating a nostalgic feel.

This year’s Fete has been one of the best and the most packed _LIVE event, ASPACE has hosted in its five years joining the _ACOUSTIC stage. With the awesome line up, lines start to build up on the lobby. This, however, didn’t stop the music enthusiasts. Our Fete Groupies battled the rain and waited in line just to hear their favorite artists sing and play music.
We were also thankful to have these kind hearted artists perform for the people waiting in line outside the venue last Saturday. Yan Abelardo, Clara Benin, Dane Hipolito and Keiko Necesario serenaded our Fete groupies and made them feel the love.
The _ACOUSTIC stage has artists varying in age and musical philosophies and yet similar in their need to push the boundaries of their respective sounds.
_ACOUSTIC Stage Line-up
Here’s the set time schedule in order of the Rockstar Artists who played at ASPACE’s intimate _ACOUSTIC Stage.
  1. Rob and the Hitmen
  2. Cheenee Gonzalez
  3. Basti Artadi
  4. Luna
  5. Yan Abelardo
  6. The Ransom Collective
  7. She’s Only Sixteen
  8. Clara Benin
  9. Dane x Keiko
  10. Leanne and Naara
  11. BP Valenzuela
  12. Martti Franca
  13. Mayonnaise
  14. Julianne Tarroja
  15. JM Quibs
  16. Reese Lansangan
Last year’s Fete was all about turning down the volume of our mundane city life and turning the volume waaaaaay up for the love of local music. We had artists of different backgrounds and sounds; soloists to duos to bands; and all sorts of string instruments. We meant it when we said we had something for everyone, so now get ready for this year’s #FDLM2018.
Notable Artists
We have featured artists such as Joey Ayala, Aia de Leon, Gabby Alipe, Reese Lansangan, Ben & Ben, Leanne and Naara, Basti Artadi, Ang Bandang Shirley, Rivermaya, Flying Ipis among others.
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