Disney’s disturbing tweet had everyone very worried

April 10th, 2018

We all have that one friend who is often very optimistic whatever the situation may be. While you are complaining or feeling annoyed, this friend knows how to cheer you up. That’s why whenever you need a little encouragement, he or she is your go-to friend.

To many of us, Disney is similar to that friend. With its wholesome, light, and funny personality reflected in all its shows, we only need to watch our fave Disney shows and we’ll feel better somehow. Even though some of its films showed Disney’s edgier and darker side, its content remains to be wholesome and family-oriented.

That’s why, the Twitterverse was shookt when Disney sounded mopey in its recent post that went viral. Unfortunately the post has been removed already, but someone managed to take a screenshot of it.

Disney just deleted the “dead inside” tweet. pic.twitter.com/bebFlBQW3m

— Ryan Parker (@TheRyanParker) April 9, 2018

The post contains a GIF of Pinocchio’s lifeless body with the text: “When someone compliments you, but you’re dead inside.” Disney added a caption which reads: “Makes no difference who you are.”

Because the tweet was uncalled for, a lot of people expressed their bewilderment about the whole thing:


— Digi (@DigiDriver) April 8, 2018

I know Monday is already tomorrow but shit @Disney pic.twitter.com/uRBDfHlg75

— Steve Ruggieri (@SteveRuggieri) April 8, 2018

While many showed their concern and offered encouragement:

You okay there Disney?

— [D.A.] Derpo #YearOfLuigi2018 (@Doodle_Dude16) April 8, 2018

are … are you okay, Disney?

— Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) April 8, 2018

bro who hurt Disney 😩 @L7ervo

— olga (@stiliamski) April 9, 2018

I'm very worried about Disney pic.twitter.com/KyR08TzlGz

— [D.A.] Derpo #YearOfLuigi2018 (@Doodle_Dude16) April 8, 2018

You will be alright. There, there. pic.twitter.com/dD9enWUjAg

— Natalie Fraehlich (@nfraehlich) April 8, 2018

do y’all need someone to talk to?

— abdul (@Advil) April 8, 2018

Just glad to know that no one is immune to an emotional breakdown. WE GOT U BOO. pic.twitter.com/YdhOunf2Yw

— Melanie (@MissusMelnee) April 8, 2018

There were also those who disagreed that the post was very “un-Disney” because they think that “Disney has always had a dark side.”

This is… very un-Disney?

— Ryan Brown 🎮 (@Toadsanime) April 8, 2018

Not really. Do you how many people Disney has killed? The number of mothers alone is staggering

— Quinn (@HQ4092) April 8, 2018

"More than half of all Disney movies since 1937 have featured a primary character with a dead, missing, or single parent."

— Quinn (@HQ4092) April 9, 2018

Although we do not know yet why Disney tweeted that or why the post was deleted, one thing we can be sure of, even our jolly good friend, Disney, feels empty sometimes.

It’s okay not to be okay, Disney.

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