Woman asked Twitter to remind her not to have kids after 7 years and someone actually did

March 26th, 2018
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Ever asked someone to remind you about something and they ended up forgetting to do so? Well, it turns out some people will actually take the task to heart and remind you even after seven years.

In 2011, Twitter user itsneishabby asked Twitter to remind her not to have kids after seven years. At that time, the tweet was just another random post on the website, eventually buried under thousands more after a few hours. Until someone actually reminded her not to have kids—a few months before the post turns exactly seven years.

.somebody remind me in seven years not to have kids.

— itsneishabby (@_ZeeTaughtMe) June 23, 2011

Twitter user DougExeter replied to this lady’s tweet to remind her not to have kids and the post instantly went viral. Who remembers a tweet from seven years ago, anyway? Well, this guy did. But he was a year late already. The user replied and told him that her daughter is about to turn a year old next month.

dont have kids

— DougExeter (@DougExeter) March 21, 2018

Too late my daughter is about to be one next month 🤦🏾‍♀️

— itsneishabby (@_ZeeTaughtMe) March 21, 2018

The conversation didn’t end there. The guy replied with: “you should have said five years” and the lady aptly answered with: “you right.”

you should have said five years

— DougExeter (@DougExeter) March 21, 2018

You right

— itsneishabby (@_ZeeTaughtMe) March 21, 2018

He then posted a screenshot of the whole conversation with the caption: “the best interaction that i ever had on this web site,” and the post gained a lot of traction. People wondered how he managed to remember this tweet after all these years.

the best interaction that i have ever had on this web site pic.twitter.com/NsgO1yWSqu

— DougExeter (@DougExeter) March 21, 2018

how did you remember to do this

— SirCanuckles (@SirCanuckles) March 21, 2018

Some speculated about how he did it and asked what prompted him to do this.

Did you put a calendar reminder n your computer all those years ago or something?

— soonergrunt 🇺🇸 (@soonergrunt) March 21, 2018

I suspect he's searching for "Remind me in x years" in old tweets hoping to find something that lines up.

— Mr. Encyclopedia (@Mr_Encyclopedia) March 21, 2018

what prompted you to even do this

— the third Krassenstein brother (@vodkasnowflake) March 21, 2018

Others already enlisted his help to remind them of something they’d like to do in the future.

Can you pls remind me in 50 years to take my meds

— SirCanuckles (@SirCanuckles) March 21, 2018

Pls remind me in a year to not waste my life away 😂

— Urielectric (@UriePanicFever) March 25, 2018

remind me of this in 4 years

— jane Ⓥ 🧘🏽‍♀️ (@piscessydney) March 23, 2018

Can you ask me in 5 years "was it worth it?", please?

— Revan (@Cthutul) March 23, 2018

Actually, there’s in a “remind me bot” on Twitter that you can ask to remind you of anything. Created by another Twitter user, @RemindMeBot was put up four years ago. All you need to do is tweet at him and ask for a reminder. The account has been actively reminding people until middle of last year.

You can now tweet at me to ask for a reminder! Just mention me and include the words "remind me tomorrow" 🙂

— Remind Me Bot (@RemindMeBot) November 27, 2014

Now you know where to go when you need to be reminded of something.

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