Oprah’s bathtub is hand-carved to the shape of her body and our ‘tabo’ can’t handle it

March 19th, 2018
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If you’re the kind of person who finds comfort and happiness in taking long baths or showers, you should definitely take notes from Oprah Winfrey who recently confessed that bathing is her hobby and that she takes it very seriously.

But as Oprah being one of richest women on the earth, by “bathing” she doesn’t mean taking a shower or using a “tabo” like us Filipinos. She lies on a luxurious bathtub that perfectly fits her because it’s molded and hand-carved to the shape of her body. Yes, HAND-CARVED!!!

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In a recent interview on The Late Late Show alongside her A Wrinkle In Time co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, Oprah confessed that bathing is her hobby and any kind of bath salt or bath oil is the perfect gift for her. When asked if it’s hard to give gifts to Oprah, Reese shares that she actually enjoys the challenge of buying Oprah a gift. So Oprah jokingly teased her that she could’ve saved herself a lot of trouble after Reese admitted she didn’t know about Oprah’s love for bathing. Her co-star could have just easily bought her some bath essentials.

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James Corden asked how big Oprah’s bath is, saying that he imagines it to be as big as a Roman bath. And because she’s Oprah—who’s basically a Queen of her own—this is not really impossible.

Oprah shares that she has a hand-carved tub made out of marble and onyx. But it couldn’t be just like any other bathtub with someone as EXTRA as Oprah. The tub is also molded to the shape of her body, and it feels like a direct attack on how poor we are.

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Now, people on Twitter found a new lifelong goal: to reach that level of success where you can have a bathtub carved to the shape of your body.

How would you like to have a bathtub made in the exact shape of your body? Welcome to the lush life of Oprah Winfrey!

— Gina Genochio (@GinaGenochio) March 15, 2018

Oprah has a bathtub carved for her body?? …this is how rich i’m tryna be

— storm (@stormgrahamm) March 15, 2018

I just saw a headline like ‘Oprah has a bathtub shaped to her body’ and I gasped out loud. I didn’t choose a life goal, the life goal chose me

— Millions (@MillionsonX) March 16, 2018

Oprah’s bathtub is made of marble & onyx & carved into the shape of her body

ya rab this is the level of rich imma be

— amoona (@amzabbasi) March 17, 2018

Oprah has a bathtub carved for her body?? …this is how rich i’m tryna be

— storm (@stormgrahamm) March 15, 2018

Reese Witherspoon’s reaction is all of us:

Oprah's bathtub was carved to fit her body and Reese Witherspoon's reaction to learning this information is my favorite pic.twitter.com/UaKfFv5dwy

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) March 15, 2018

Watch the full interview here:

Now excuse me while I fill our batya with water and take a bath using tabo.

so kanina habang naliligo ako, balak ko sana gayahin yung napapanood ko sa tv. yung umiiyak habang naliligo

kaso hassle pala kapag de tabo lang kayo, mas okay sana kung shower eh WAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHA

— jé (@jrsrys) March 16, 2018


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