LOOK: These Studio Ghibli blueprints are as superb as the animation

February 27th, 2018

For most anime fans, Studio Ghibli, is already a household name. The animation studio was able to produce several award-winning works that never fail to impress its viewers. Aside from its other-wordly settings, eccentric characters, and relatable storylines, works made by Studio Ghibli are often praised for the superb animation. There is something distinct about it — a unique style that is exclusive to Ghibli works alone. And even if you’re not an animator you can tell whether an animated film is a Ghibli or not.

If you’re curious as to how Miyazaki and other Ghibli creators came up with such amazing animations, then you should take a glimpse at these original layouts of some of your favorite shows.

An otaku shared via tumblr, Ghibli Collector, several original layouts of the most popular Ghibli animated shows. These layouts are called blueprints, and on each piece of paper “…all the relevant information of a scene is written – such as the relative positions of the backgrounds and characters, directions on action, indications on whether or not there will be camera movement, if so at what speed, and any other camerawork effects.” The blueprints reveal the intricate details of every animated film and the unbridled imagination of the animators.

Check out some of the blueprints for Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Porco Rosso.

Spirited Away




Howl’s Moving Castle


Porco Rosso



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