Ji Soo poses with a ‘finger heart’ to express his excitement upon meeting his Pinoy fans. Photo taken by Francesca Militar/INQUIRER.net

Valentine’s Day Exclusive: Up close and personal with our ‘One and Only’ Ji Soo

February 14th, 2018

Valentine’s Day gift-giving is one way of saying “I love you” to the people who matter in our lives. But it’s not the only way we can show love on this special occasion!

We here at INQPOP! are immensely grateful for the love and support many of our readers give to us. So, as our way of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘we love you’, we got the inside scoop into the thoughts and views of K-Drama star and overall Korean Bae Ji Soo in this exclusive interview, for your appreciation!

Ji Soo poses with a ‘finger heart’ to express his excitement upon meeting his Pinoy fans. Photo taken by Francesca Militar/INQUIRER.net

Here’s what we discovered about the South Korean heartthrob:


Ji Soo is familiar with Filipino words of ‘love’

Back in 2014, Ji Soo starred alongside Filipino transgender actress Mimi Juarez in the romantic drama, Seoul Mates. Because the film featured actors and actresses from different cultures, the language used throughout the movie was of Korean, English and Filipino. So, we had to ask Ji Soo if he remembered any Filipino phrases or terms since filming that movie.

To our surprise, Ji Soo replied with some common phrases of love used by many Filipinos today. He said he knew phrases like “Mahal Ko Kayo,” “Mahal Kita,” and “Kinikilig.” Though he admits he’s still not able to fully speak our language, he’s very happy to be familiar with these common terms in our culture.   


Ji Soo believes ‘communication’ is key to any relationship

Since Ji Soo’s fan meeting lands near Valentine’s Day, we had to ask the actor what traits or characteristics he looks for in a soul mate or partner.

“The soul mate I’m looking for is someone who I can communicate with, share common interests with, and just someone I can simply talk to about anything,” Ji Soo explains to INQPOP!

For the actor, nothing is more important than communicating with your significant other — and that’s one aspect we can fully agree on!  


Ji Soo loves his Filipino fans

During the press conference, Ji Soo admits that the Philippines is a very special place for him. As he describes it, there’s a certain smell or aroma that different places give off. When he got one whiff of the air in Manila, he was reminded of all the good things he seemed to like about the country.

Ji Soo even reveals that he enjoys eating Filipino food particularly Adobo and the meals in Jollibee. But what really makes Ji Soo enjoy the Philippines is his fans. He told INQPOP! that he was immensely excited to be able to interact with his Filipino fans.

“I really just want to meet my fans and have a good time during the Fan Meeting,” he further explains.

Moreover, Ji Soo is also quite grateful for his fans here in the Philippines. Because when we asked him what message did he have for his Filipino fans, he replied, “I’d like to thank my Filipino fans for loving my dramas and also, [my] other Korean series. I’m very grateful that my fans love it!”

Watch our one-on-one interview with the celebrated Korean actor here:

Valentine's Day Exclusive: Our 'One and Only' Ji Soo

Watch our Korean Bae, Ji Soo speak Filipino, talk about his ideal 'soul mate,' and share a special message to his Pinoy fans in this exclusive Valentine's Day video interview! ❤😍Read the full story here: goo.gl/hiB2zJ

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