Trump says giving birth in the ‘ninth month’ is wrong and we’re just as confused as you are

January 29th, 2018

Back in elementary we were taught about the process of human reproduction — from how an egg is fertilized to how it develops into a full-grown baby. We were taught about the normal cycle of pregnancy and that a baby is due to be born after nine months.

Meanwhile, the President of America, one of the most powerful countries in the world, says that giving birth in the ninth month is wrong and it has to change.

During the anti-abortion rally in Washington last January 19, President Donald Trump made a bizarre statement that left a lot of people baffled.

“Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong, it has to change,” he said.

Many were confused and even questioned themselves if they heard him right.

Screenshot from Facebook

People also called out Trump and said that no state allows an abortion in nine months.

Screenshot from Facebook

Saying that a baby being born on its ninth month is wrong made people wonder how long was he in his mother’s womb.

Screenshot from Facebook

Watch the video by UPROXX News below. Repeat it a few times. Then let’s all wonder why we have world leaders and government officials who don’t even know basic information and won’t bother verifying facts.

nine months whaaaaa

Yes, he actually said this.

Posted by UPROXX News on Friday, January 19, 2018


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