Women who take 6 or more pregnancy tests are considered “Pregnancy Test Addicts”

January 29th, 2018

Every grown woman knows that when a pregnancy test reveals two lines, it most likely means that the woman is expecting a child. However, for some women, taking just one of these tests is not enough to confirm their pregnancy. They have to double, triple and sometimes even quadruple-check if they are indeed carrying a new life inside them.

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This act of repeatedly taking pregnancy tests is what U.K. parenting website Channelmum.com dubs as “Pregnancy Test Addiction.”  

Women are considered to be a part of this addiction if they have used up to an average of 6 or more pregnancy tests even after confirming their pregnancy. An example of this is British mom Corrinne, who admitted to taking 25 pregnancy tests in this video:

A study in the U.K. reported that 62% of mothers repeatedly take pregnancy tests even after they have confirmed their pregnancy. And the reason behind this is because they’re either worried that the results of their test are wrong or that they’re concerned over the welfare of their unborn baby.

But this behavior is normal for many expectant mothers. According to Dr. Thomas Molinaro of the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, it’s understandable for women to take multiple pregnancy tests to reassure themselves of their condition. “For many women, the journey to pregnancy is a long and emotional one. In most cases, there are few symptoms of pregnancy early on and testing can be a way to reassure a woman that they are still pregnant,” Molinaro explains in People magazine.

Though this may be a reassuring tactic for many soon-to-be mothers, Channelmum.com founder Siobhan Freegard says that it’s not advisable to be spending so much on these pregnancy tests. Freegard explains to The Independent, “It’s important not to get addicted to continual tests, as they are expensive and unnecessary. We have heard of mums testing up to five times a day to check they are still pregnant, so if you are that anxious, then get professional support.”

For women currently undergoing the Pregnancy Test Addiction, we understand your predicament and we do urge that you reach out to a physician if you’re getting worried over your baby’s health.

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