Woman shares story of a couple arguing over ‘love vs. career’ and the ending will make you proud

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to choose between a romantic relationship or your career? The choice to make may not be the same for everyone and whatever you choose should depend on what you think matters more to you.

Twitter user @mzbat shared an overheard story of a couple fighting beside her while she was waiting in an airport. According to her, the guy wants his girlfriend to turn down a job promotion because she’d be making more money than him and he’d be humiliated. I know, WTF, right?

You’re probably expecting a dramatic exit or the girl slapping the guy, but no, it’s a pure romantic drama with the girl saying she’d “…never do anything to jeopardize their relationship.” GUUUUURRRRLLLL.

The guy was very persistent about her turning the job down and told his girlfriend that there’s no point of her having a career anyway. He said she’d be focusing on their kids and wouldn’t be working once they get married. Honestly, we’re really confused what year is this guy living in.

Thankfully, his girlfriend came to her senses and was like “Wait, what?” at the thought of getting stuck with him and his kids.


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Women have come a long way to prove that they are more just a girlfriend, a wife, and a mother. While there is nothing wrong with being one, a woman shouldn’t be restricted to be more than what the society thinks she is and can be. It’s also never wrong for a woman to choose herself and her career over a guy who wants her for selfish reasons. You go, Brave Airport Lady! NEVER. SETTLE.

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