This headline mishap in this newspaper is every editor’s worst nightmare!

December 23rd, 2017
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But at least the sales went a little further up!

We all have our own share of blunders in life. No matter how hard we try to make everything perfect, we are bound to make mistakes here and there. But even if we still make mistakes, we try to keep it at a minimum as much as possible.

So when the editor of Cambridge News UK failed to triple check the headline for the next day’s newspaper, we bet he wanted to dig a hole and bury his head in shame.

Cambridge, UK, Newspaper, mishap, headline

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His mistake wasn’t a misspelling or a wrong punctuation, but he failed to include the headline and subheading for a particular issue. So what was printed and distributed was a newspaper that reads: “100PT SPLASH HERE.” Just below it was: “This is a strap over two decks with a reference to a PAGE HERE.”

Cambridge, UK, Newspaper, mishap, headline

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Of course, Twitter poked fun of the whole incident. People tweeted something as savage as:

Front page ready to go? You checked it?
Yeah, it’s good. @CambridgeNewsUK

— Gareth Marlow (@GarethMarlow) December 6, 2017

Dear oh dear. I have a feeling the next issue's splash might be: 'EDITOR FIRED OVER

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) December 6, 2017

If you think you’re having a bad day, just think how the editor of the Cambridge News must be feeling….😱

— Jacqui Oatley (@JacquiOatley) December 6, 2017

Wow. It’s real. This’ll be featured in newspaper sub-editing courses for years. And available at all good newsagents near you today, folks.

— Chris Rand (@ChrisRandWrites) December 6, 2017

While others think this issue may have brought their sales up because it’s not everyday you’ll see that kind of headline in a newspaper!

Just bought my copy of this future classic. Amazing.

— Dominick Reed (@IDrinkLeadPaint) December 6, 2017

That’s a tough morning 🙈! I want a copy! Will prob do great sales…smart 😏

— Nathan Judah (@njudah_star) December 6, 2017

Thank you @CambridgeNewsUK for bringing Christmas joy today to all those who work or have worked in publishing with this cracker. Bet it's your sell-out sales success of the year, and a social media smash. Job well done. #ThereButForTheGraceOfGod

— Adam Duckworth (@hashtagflash) December 6, 2017

This is actually a brilliant way to jack up circulation #s . No doubt their best-selling edition ever.

— Jingle Jeff (@JeffMHarrington) December 7, 2017

Cambridge News UK was quick to tweet their apology about the matter and said that the correct headline is found in their other newspaper.

We would like to sincerely apologise for the technical problem that caused the main headline to not appear on the Cambridge edition, although the correct one was printed on the Cambourne News

— Cambridge News (@CambridgeNewsUK) December 6, 2017

Cambridge, UK, Newspaper, mishap, headline

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Well, that mistake was definitely as embarrassing as hell. But we can all agree with this guy, right?

Shit happens. It's cheered us up on a grim day.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) December 6, 2017

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